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 what should always remain: the origin

Nicolas von Jahn-Burian

- more than photography - images that tell stories -

  Art is living what you burn for. It is not only enough to have the will, but also the ability to do it

Art. The most beautiful thing man can create. Art is diversity, infinite creativity, inexhaustible imagination. Art is what a human being lives. Whether he creates it or experiences it. Art on the wall of a house. The one over there, he creates it and the one over there, she looks at the work. Lets himself be taken in by his art, lets himself be pulled along by it. A sculpture. An image of a person. Not just a copy. She has variations, draws out characteristics, situations of her life. The artist wants to tell me a story. His work has a meaning. I am supposed to fathom it, to see it. He wants me to rejoice, to grieve. He wants me to live his work, to hear a story. Art speaks, in all languages. Everyone understands it. Anyone who has an open mind, who engages with the story. You have to be able to see art. It does the rest, it does it with you. Many artists, many works are not seen. Not because they are not good, not beautiful. They simply get lost. They get lost in the crowd, in the whirlpool of time, in the speed of life. Many young artists hardly have a chance to be seen. If they are not shrill, if they do not shout at their audience, hardly anyone hears their wonderful work, their gentle voices. We live in a time when extroversion seems to be a basic building block of success. Loud artists often make quick art. When one is finished, you start a new one. A new one with a shout. The quiet ones are the ones whose connection to their own work never breaks. It remains forever on the easel of their thoughts. In their space of completion. Art is simply multifaceted. There is something for everyone.
Only, you have to recognise it.

My professional roots are in technical and media business management. I worked in film, radio and for numerous well-known print media from politics, art & culture. Art has accompanied me since my childhood. For a while, I didn't live it the way I should have. At some point, during a dark phase, I thought a lot of my two old mentors and changed everything.
Painting & photography finally defined my life again.

It is a thought, a feeling or a hunch that leads me to a motif. Sometimes it's something else, a fence post hammering against my head. But there is always the hope of creating a wow effect and of succumbing to it myself. Every motif is beautiful, not all find their way onto a medium. Photography is a passion. Painting is what I love. Every motif is me, is my life. A story from my life. 

Nicolas von Jahn-Burian

A picture should not be purchased from a distance. It acts differently in the face of the beholder. Its history is understood in a different way when you stand directly in front of it.
That is why I do not sell my pictures in the original on the Internet. However, here you get them as art prints.

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Benelux Gallery
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"joy of life"
Mediterranean 1 - 4
european mediterranean joie de vivre
art print on frame from the original "joy of life" by Nicolas von Jahn-Burian oil on canvas painting
each picture
60 x 98 cm (stretched on frame 57 x 94 cm)

art print collection on wooden frame @TheArtof.STUDIO

EP - Timeline of a King
I started this series already in 2022, originally only with the picture "Comeback". Because, after a long time, I once again watched the legendary recording on NBC in 1968. Then I saw the film with Austin Butler & Tom Hanks. WOW. What I felt at the end of this film, what I thought EP felt, I drew in four more pictures, which I finished with oil at the beginning of 2023. This is the result.

EP - Timeline of a King : "Rebel" - "Revolution" - "Comeback" - "Lonely" - "Lost" - "EP IN MOURNING (LMP2023)"
I have published this series exclusively on

Lost Angel by Nicolas von Jahn-Burian 

lost angel is a composition of oil on canvas.

the original has a value of € 1.300,- but is not for sale.

you can purchase the painting as an art print via Artmajeur or FineArtAmerica.
They produce high quality art prints of my paintings in museum quality.

De magie van Kerstmis zit in ons.

Lieve Truus, lieve Monique en jullie familie,
wij wensen jullie een vrolijk en gezegend kerstfeest.

Vanuit het hart 

Nicolas en Erika

Berlijn 2022

Looking into the void, only at the ground, creates dead thoughts. Thoughts beyond the horizon create an open and interested, living vision. A finding. NJB

For some time now, NJB has been working on a small series with the working title "Knowledge" as an extension of "Ad fugam". Knowledge that life brings. The works are made of oil paint on canvas in the working size 80x80. For some time now, NJB has been working on a small series with the working title "Knowledge" as an extension of "Ad fugam". Knowledge that life brings. The works are made of oil paint on canvas in the working size 80x80.
This small series will soon be published EXCLUSIVELY by "Fine Art America Wall Art". Benedikt Jansen / © NEWS TheArtof.MEDIA

The Art of ... "INDIGEN"

A series on indigenous people in portraits is currently being created. The series will probably comprise 10 to 15 works, graded in the age of the portrayed and 2 or 3 pictures of the surroundings. 

L'art de ... "INDIGENS"

Une série de portraits d'indigènes est en cours de réalisation. La série comprendra vraisemblablement 10 à 15 œuvres, en fonction de l'âge des sujets et de 2 ou 3 photos d'environnement.

In memory.
There were two men who shaped me at a young age. More than that, they made me what I am today. One of them was my grandfather. His life was music. He led a classical orchestra. His passion went hand in hand with the interpretation of works of art. Works of art of classical music. He would sit for days, nights and write new, different voices to pieces of music by old masters. Even today, in places, in situations, I can still hear the smell of the old paper on which he wrote notes and the small room, in an old disused mill, to which a winding staircase led, infinitely long for me at the time. I listened to him play on his violin, an instrument made by Nicolas Augustin Chappuy in the early 18th century. It survived wars, lived through the history of generations. And this is how it sounded, this is how my grandfather played it.

The second of these men who shaped my life early on was my old art teacher. Monsieur Ballon. He taught me to draw, and with him, too, it was more. Through him I was able to dream, similar to grandfather. Monsieur Ballon had a story for every picture, for every single work of art. None of these stories resembled another, previous one. He taught me art in words, through words. Sensuality, brutality, beauty, madness, screams and the almost silent whisper of history. A picture must tell a story. It is not enough to have one red spot, six coloured bars on canvas. The viewer should live a picture. In its simplicity, its complexity or through its pure symbolism. 

And that is what these two men made of me. They could not protect me from bad things for my future. But they could shape my soul and send me out into the world. With a look that they probably also had. And this gaze, always discovering beauty anew, allows us to go on, to hope. 

Grandfather Emil and Monsieur Ballon

Dans le souvenir.
Ce sont deux hommes qui m'ont marqué dans mes jeunes années. Plus encore, ils ont fait de moi ce que je suis aujourd'hui. L'un des deux était mon grand-père. Sa vie était la musique. Il dirigeait un orchestre classique. Sa passion allait de pair avec l'interprétation d'œuvres d'art. Des œuvres d'art de musique classique. Il passait des jours et des nuits à écrire des voix nouvelles et différentes sur des morceaux de musique de vieux maîtres. Aujourd'hui encore, je perçois dans des endroits et des situations l'odeur du vieux papier sur lequel il écrivait des notes et de la petite pièce d'un vieux moulin désaffecté, à laquelle menait un escalier tortueux d'une longueur interminable pour moi à l'époque. J'écoutais son jeu sur son violon, un instrument de Nicolas Augustin Chappuy datant du début du 18e siècle. Il a survécu aux guerres, a vécu l'histoire de plusieurs générations. Et c'est ainsi qu'il sonnait, c'est ainsi que mon grand-père en jouait.

Le deuxième de ces hommes qui ont marqué ma vie très tôt était mon ancien professeur d'art. Monsieur Ballon. Il m'a appris à dessiner, et avec lui aussi, c'était plus que cela. Grâce à lui, je pouvais, un peu comme avec mon grand-père, rêver. Monsieur Ballon avait une histoire pour chaque tableau, pour chaque œuvre d'art. Aucune de ces histoires ne ressemblait à une autre, antérieure. Il m'a appris l'art avec des mots, par des mots. Sensualité, brutalité, beauté, folie, cris et le murmure presque silencieux de l'histoire. Une image doit raconter une histoire. Il ne suffit pas d'une tache rouge, de six barres colorées sur la toile. Le spectateur doit vivre une image. Dans sa simplicité, sa complexité ou par son symbolisme pur. 

Et c'est ce que ces deux hommes ont fait de moi. Ils ne pouvaient pas me protéger du mal pour mon avenir. Mais ils ont pu façonner mon âme et m'envoyer dans le monde. Avec un regard comme le leur, probablement. Et ce regard, qui consiste à redécouvrir sans cesse la beauté, permet de continuer, d'espérer. 

Grand-père Emil et Monsieur Ballon

Three men have had a decisive influence on Nicolas von Jahn-Burian. Each of the three with his art and special personality.* Grandfather Emil and Monsieur Ballon as well as sculptor Karsten Klingbeil *The art of Karsten Klingbeil inspired Nicolas in later years. Representations in busts and statues.
The physical in nature, in its simplicity and yet complexity.
The sensual like the proud is what captivates.  
Trois hommes ont eu une influence décisive sur Nicolas von Jahn-Burian. Chacun des trois avec son art et sa personnalité particulière.Grand-père Emil et Monsieur Ballon ainsi que le sculpteur Karsten Klingbeil.L'art de Karsten Klingbeil a inspiré Nicolas plus tard dans sa vie. Des représentations dans des bustes et des statues.
Le physique dans la nature, dans sa simplicité et pourtant sa complexité. Le sensuel égal à l'orgueilleux est ce qui captive.  

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